Flagship Enterprise Center, Anderson, IN

The Flagship Enterprise Center is a joint creation of the City of Anderson, IN and Anderson University.  Since 2005, this regional business incubator has created or helped to start over 150 businesses and is also the largest SBA microloan lender in the State of Indiana - providing 70% of all microloans to start-up businesses in the state.   Bill has represented them since 2004 and has helped FEC expand to its current campus of 5 buildings and is currently working with them on a new project to expand Purdue's University's College of Technology in Anderson and to coordinate student careers with local employers' workforce needs.


Port of Cleveland, OH

Bill has worked with the Port of Cleveland on a variety of regulatory and infrastructure redevelopment issues to help make the Port of Cleveland an economic powerhouse for the region, which is responsible for over 20,000 jobs and $3.5 billion in annual economic activity. 


Manufacturing Alliance of Communities (MAC)

Bill is the federal director and co-creator of a national coalition of manufacturing communities, which in 2010 lobbied successfully for the creation of $773 million Trust Fund to remediate and redevelopment 89 former auto factory sites nationwide.